Best Newborn Photoshoot Ideas

A newborn baby is the cutest sight ever. Everyone loves looking at their squinting eyes, petite noses and tiny hands and feet. Newborn photography captures all those cute moments. The result is a set of adorable images of babies that their parents can cherish forever. However, baby photography can be a complex business to pull off since babies aren’t always the most cooperative models. You will need many of the best newborn photoshoot ideas to get great results regardless of the baby’s mood.

If you are looking for the cutest newborn photo ideas, you have come to the right place. Here is a rundown of some newborn photography ideas you can try at home or in our studio. We also added some crucial newborn photography FAQs so your photoshoot goes to plan. When shooting a newborn baby photo, you can choose to go the simple route or use props and accessories. The choice is up to you.

Let’s get started with the best newborn photo ideas you can have.

Newborn Photo Idea One: Baby Solo Shots

Taking shots with the baby wrapped up in blankets makes a fabulous newborn photo, especially when you have only the baby’s face peeking out of the blankets. You can play with colour schemes while shooting in a studio. You can also add props like baby hats, thick fluffy blankets and pretty bows for baby girls.

Newborn Photo Idea Two: Baby Within Mum’s Embrace

A mother-loving embrace is the best place for a newborn baby. This position of a mother holding the baby to her chest makes for an excellent newborn photo. The mother’s instincts will take over, and the pair will forget the camera is there.

Newborn baby with grey hat on asleep for a baby photoshoot

Newborn Photo Idea Three: Baby Safe in The Father’s Arms

Capturing natural moments when the father holds the baby is an excellent newborn photo idea. You can also explore other intimate moments between the father and the son. Let the father and the child get comfortable with each other so you can get natural photos.

Newborn Photo Idea Four: The Hands and Feet

Newborn babies are blessed with adorable tiny hands and feet. Just looking at them can give you many newborn photo ideas. These small and delicate body parts always draw attention, and getting quality shots in any location is easy.

Babies head in a males hands close up in black & white taken in a photography studio

Newborn Photo Idea Five: Hand Comparison with Father or Mother

Putting the baby’s hand in and hard is a superb idea for newborn photography. Most people don’t graph how tiny a baby’s hand is, so the hand comparison makes the cuteness come alive. You can lay the baby’s hand into the mother’s or father’s and take shots that the family can use to discover how far their child has grown up in future.

Newborn Photo Idea Six: Baby Sleeping Close Up

Have you ever seen a baby sleeping in the fetal position? Their innocence is strong enough to melt stony hearts. These shots can be easy to get since newborns spend most of their time sleeping. However, take care not to disturb the baby. You can use a lens to capture the close-up from a distance.

Newborn Photo Idea Seven: Baby Breastfeeding Close Up

When the baby is feeding during the photo session, you can take the opportunity to document some of the intimate moments between the mother and child. We always discuss this before the shoot as it is a very intimate moment that no photographer should intrude upon without invitation

Newborn Photo Idea Eight: Both Parents Holding the Newborn Baby

We love newborn photos that show the mother and father holding their baby together. It shows the teamwork of bringing a child into the world and working together to care for and protect their new child. The parents can look at each other with a loving look or at the baby. You can also do both.

cute baby portrait posing in a metal bath tub


Here are some questions we get regarding newborn photography

When is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?

The best time for a newborn photoshoot is within a week. The exact time frame is within 5 to eight days. That time range offers the best results since it allows enough time for the umbilical cord to fall off and for the mother to regain her strength. Furthermore, the baby is still sleeping in the fetal position within that period, making it easy to get natural newborn pictures.
However, we understand that each baby is unique, so there is no rush. You can take a newborn photoshoot anytime from the first to the 6th week, but the best time is the first week for the reasons stated above.

When is the next best photo session after a newborn photoshoot?

The next best photo session should occur when the baby produces its first smile, usually within 7-16 weeks. You want to get them in for a studio session so you can document these adorable moments.
After that, you should schedule another photoshoot when the baby is already sitting up. Babies typically sit within 6-12 months, so that is when you should book your appointment. Some fast babies may already be moving around the home by the end of this period. All babies are exceptional in their way. The stage your baby has reached is worth documenting and celebrating.

When does the cake smash photo session happen, and why?

Cake smash photo sessions are about your child having fun with their birthday cake. It can happen on or before a child’s actual birthday. The sessions should go at the child’s pace, so you can expect to spend two to three hours in the studio, depending on the child. You should try to help your child to get comfortable in the studio environment during the shoot.
The adorable photos of your baby’s icing-covered faces and hands, giggles, smiles, and costumes from the cake smash session make these images unforgettable, unique, and memorable. They can serve as incredible decor and gifts for your home and family. It is also a fantastic way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday. You can also use the pictures on your child’s birthday party invitation card.

Baby with a spoon in a pink dress and head band at a cake smash

Are annual birthday photography shoots overrated?

No! We believe people are not doing enough of it. Little children can grow so fast it can seem like yesterday when you were taking a hand comparison photo. Tomorrow, you are kissing them goodbye in school.
The only way to preserve those fast-growing moments and the changes in size, physical characteristics, and personality is through annual photoshoots. You can have the shoots more than once a year.
These photos document your child’s big personality as it evolves every year, especially when it involves some photos of the whole family. They can be an incredible trove of warm, memorable moments.

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