Photography has been an essential part of any event, especially a wedding day where you need to capture the memories to their best so that they can be relived for ages to come! When putting down a budget for your wedding one of the huge budget-consuming factors can be hiring a photographer. You will need to assess how much is a wedding photographer as per the services they are pricing and their expertise

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While looking at the pricing you will need to look into what your photographer is offering and make sure it includes everything you need. Whether they are offering an all-inclusive package or an ala carte option. Here are a few things included in wedding photography and determine how much is a wedding photographer:

WEDDING DAY – The coverage of your wedding day by the photographer is the most obvious item you are paying for. An elopement might just require one or two hours, but the majority of weddings require six or eight hours of coverage

RETOUCHING AND EDITING – Since editing is a crucial component of photography, experts will include it in their fee. To achieve a consistent look throughout your collection, they will adjust the lighting and colors so that you can have your best pictures. Basic retouching gives the photos the polished look and the professional look that you have booked them for.

TRAVEL HOURS – A photographer’s usual fee typically includes a specific amount of travel. It often covers weddings in their city and the nearby suburbs. Your photographer may charge an extra fee if your wedding is outside of their regular service area to cover the travel time and petrol costs. A photographer who covers destination weddings will include flights, hotels, and meals at their quoted price.

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DIGITALLY PRINTED PHOTOS– Your photographer will include a specified number of digital photographs in your wedding package. There may be a cap on the number of photographs you can download before having to pay for more. Other photographers offer all of the digital pictures they took on your special day, and they can tell you roughly how many there will be. The photographs are made available for viewing online or on a USB drive. Professional photographers frequently charge extra for prints, but they also give you printing rights so you may purchase them wherever you like. It’s a good idea to check the package is right for you.

PHOTOGRAPHY ADD-ON OPTIONS- Anything that is beyond the base package you should consider its additional cost. Most professionals will give ala carte options so you can pick and choose, unlike many high-end photographers who only offer luxurious packages with all the bells and whistles. The most popular upgrade choices for wedding photos are shown below.

Second Shooters – Second shooters are extra photographers who take pictures from other perspectives and positions on the wedding day. Most photographers include this in their packages, but some charge extra for it.
Engagement Portraits – Before the wedding, many couples schedule a separate portrait session. You may use the photos for Save-the-Date cards and wedding-day décor, and it’s a fantastic way to get to know the photographer.

Albums & Prints – In a world where everything is digital, printed photos have a special significance. You should still order some prints and an album from your photographer even if you obtain the printing rights to your photos so that you can always go and look back whenever you feel like it.

So how much is a wedding photographer?

Taking all the above into account the average price for a wedding photographer will vary where you are in the country but as a rule of thumb, it can range anywhere between £xxx & £xxxxx.

What to keep in mind before finalising a photographer

Once you have finalised your wedding day there are a few things to keep in mind before finalizing a photographer. Your photographer is going to be one of the most important people at your wedding and being comfortable and discussing everything beforehand is very important.

THE STYLE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY– There are couples you like to prefer pretty and romantic shot candid shots and then there are couples who would like to have a more posed and traditional type of photography on their big day. If you want to bring out emotions and spontaneity then you can always go for candid shots and book someone who has that particular set of skills.

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SAMPLE AND PORTFOLIO – Before booking a photographer you should spend some time on Instagram and browse through the wedding photographer’s account to help you understand their style of photography as well as the latest trends. You can even view their portfolio after booking an appointment with them.

YOUR EXPECTATIONS SHOULD BE DISCUSSED – You must discuss the type of dream wedding photographs you desire. How much is a wedding photographer will depend on the number of services you want to have in your photography session. Discuss everything in advance before finalising.

LEVEL OF INNOVATION – The level of innovation is very important when it comes to photography. You will need to see how the photographer is incorporating the props and the backgrounds. You can figure that out by having a look at the photographer’s portfolio. Once you are sure you can hire them without any second thought.

YOUR BUDGET– This is a crucial and deciding moment for many! The services you want to have and the budget you have will determine how much is a wedding photographer. You can hire someone professional or someone from your friends and family who have got some skills in photography. It all depends on your budget.

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BOOK THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON THE RIGHT TIME – You should book your photographer beforehand and not when your wedding season is just around the corner. Start searching for your photographer as soon as you have finalised your venue so that you can find your dream photographer.

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